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A Journal for the Medical Resident


Citation: Simões JC. A Journal for the Medical Resident. 1(1):3. doi:10.5935/2763-602X.20210007

“The doctor’s best tool is to sit down and listen to the patient.”

(Gregório Marañon)

It is an honor and delight to welcome the first issue of the Journal of Medical Resident Research (JMMR), a scientific publication by the Regional Council of Medicine of the State of São Paulo.

Physicians undergoing their residency in their various specialty programs, their preceptors, mentors, and medical students now have another high-profile vehicle to publish their research papers on, one with an outstanding body of editors and reviewers.

Patients are the raison d’être of the progress of Medicine, while physicians are the vectors for the implementation of the theoretical and practical knowledge in treatment and clinical care. The patients will be the statistics and the results of scientific works in their great range of presentation modalities; however, the interpersonal humanization of Medicine must be present in both the discussion and conclusion.

A physician’s first contact with their patients should always be a handshake and calling them by their name. It is known that Medicine’s greatest invention is the relationship with patients.

The art of healing requires a relationship based on equality - a key element in the patient-physician relationship - and mutual respect. The patient wants to be recognized as a human being and not as a clinical case.

We must congratulate the concretization of the continuation of scientific publications of a Journal destined to resident physicians in Brazil, in the person of Dr. Edoardo Vattimo, a competent adviser and the entire Board of Directors of Cremesp, in addition to the dedicated and persistent Dr. Douglas Kamei, who did not allow the Journal of the Medical Resident (RMR in portuguese) to die. This team of editors also counted on the important collaboration of the experienced, albeit young, Dr. Gabriel Liguori, who was crucial in expanding the horizons of this project.

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