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A new project for the new generations


Citation: Kamei D, Vattimo EFQ, Liguori G. A new project for the new generations. 1(1):2. doi:10.5935/2763-602X.20210006

It is with great satisfaction that we present the first edition of the Journal of Medical Resident Research (JMRR), the first result of a project started in April 2019 by the Regional Council of Medicine of the State of São Paulo (Cremesp).

With the launch of this scientific journal, Cremesp seeks to fulfill its primary role of encouraging good medical prectice by fostering the production and dissemination of new scientific knowledge. Thus, it complies with Law No 3,268 of 1957, which created the Medical Councils, attributing to them, among other functions, the promotion of a perfect technical and moral performance of physians, the prestige and good concept of the profession and of those who practice it.

When drafting the JMRR, the editors imbued themselves with the values of the renowned project developed by the Regional Council of Medicine of the State of Paraná (CRM-PR) in the past, the Revista do Médico Residente (RMR). This mission, transmitted to us by CRM-PR - and which we hope to honor - represented not only an ambitious goal, but also a great learning experience in the field of scientific publishing. At first, we changed the name of the publication, aiming at international audiences and future indexing in important scientific databases, since we consider that, despite edited in a Regional Council, the JMRR disseminates a universal language: Science.

At the heart of the project are the physicians at the beginning of their academic careers. This occurs because, despite accepting the submission of articles by authors of the most varied levels of experience, JMRR opens space for younger colleagues to publish their first articles for international academic audiences, something that often seems distant for those who are beginning their careers. The maintenance of academic rigor is guaranteed with the collaboration of scientific reviewers, who accepted the challenge of providing suggestions and corrections in manuscripts submitted to a new journal, in a constructive way and aimed at improving the articles.

Cremesp commitment to excellence in medicine required delivering a quality publication to the scientific community, without disregarding its main proposal of encouraging the academic production of new authors from all over the country. This challenge motivates our editorial staff, which presents here the first edition of JMRR with great pleasure.

To our readers, we wish you a good reading. We also invite our young researchers and other interested parties to submit the results of their studies to the JMRR.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License